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Stanford Data Science Institute is a new campus-wide effort centered around collaboration in research, education and outreach across departments and schools. We connect researchers who develop methodologies in analytics, computation and statistics with faculty and students in disciplines that are being transformed by data science.

We aim to provide a broad exposure to scientific and societal problems and equip our community with the data science methods needed to address them.

Letter from the Co-Chairs
Emmanuel Candes and Jure Leskovec

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Collaborative Efforts


Stanford has numerous world-class researchers, and our primary goal is to “put people together” to overcome disciplinary boundaries and to foster novel research directions that are seldom rewarded by traditional organizations and external funding models.


There are three levels where we intend to have a positive impact on the educational mission of the University.

  • Education in basic data literacy so that students can understand data science tools and their limitations
  • Leveraging data science labs for students who want to use data to advance society
  • Training "π shaped” researchers who are experts in data science and another discipline that leverages data science.


By engaging with both our campus community and external stakeholders in industry, governments and nonprofits we intend to promote data science solutions with impact to complex challenges that effect social good, diversity, and more.


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