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Data Science

Data Science: Revolutionizing Industry. Transforming Health.
Changing Society. Impacting Lives.

A New Age of Data Science

The potential of new data sources is unlimited. This data can originate from and reveal human needs and interests; how humans use products; and information about the human body at the molecular level, the environment, agriculture or public opinion.

Data scientists transform this data into useful insights and actions. Estimates of the potential global benefits of data science range into the trillions of dollars annually.

Data Science at Stanford

At Stanford, innovative and diverse programs are defining the data science research agenda. Our goal is to develop techniques, discover applications and train the next generation of thought leaders in the field. Only then will we be able to push the frontiers of quantitative and computing methods and to create new models of inquiry.

Before their first day at Stanford, freshmen are encouraged to adopt a cross-disciplinary attitude toward learning, regardless of their intended majors. Doctoral students and researchers strive to unite computing and biology, or computer vision and the brain, or traffic management and real-time data gathering. To facilitate cooperation, seed grants for research are interdisciplinary, and faculty members commonly hold joint appointments between departments. In the upcoming Data Science seminar series, our topics and speakers will reflect the full palette of disciplines.

Just as the impact of data science is felt throughout society, Stanford's approach spans the entire community.

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Upcoming Events


4th Conference of the International Society for Wearable Technology in Healthcare (WATCH)

June 23-24, 2016

This two-day conference is a premier international platform for wearable technologies in healthcare and provides a broad range of education and networking opportunities for clinicians, patients, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, academicians and industry stakeholders.

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UseR! 2016

June 27-30, 2016

The conference will be held at Stanford University.

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Stanford ICME Summer Workshops - Fundamentals of Data Science

August 15-20, 2016

Registration is now open for these one-day workshops on topics such as machine learning, data visualization and more.

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Women in Data Science Conference

Women in Data Science Conference

February 3, 2017.

This one-day technical conference provides an opportunity to hear about the latest data science related research in a number of domains.

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