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Visiting Scholars

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The Stanford Data Science Initiative program provides an opportunity for member companies to send a researcher to Stanford University as a visiting scholar to study and engage in research under the direction of a Stanford faculty member. Visiting Scholars appointments are usually made for up to one year, although shorter appointments are possible. The program is intended to build relationships for collaboration through an exchange of ideas. Stanford policy on Visiting Scholars can be found at this link.

Muneki Kawaguchi

Muneki Kawaguchi pic

Visiting Scholar from: Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Investment Technology Institute, 2023
Topic: Explainability of Machine Learning

Affiliated Faculty: Carlos Guestrin, Computer Science Department

Muneki Kawaguchi is a Senior Researcher at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Investment Technology Institute, Co. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Keio University in Tokyo. He is interested in explainability of machine learning and natural language processing to facilitate the implementation of machine learning technology.

Yasushi Miyata

Yasushi Miyata

Visiting Scholar from: Hitachi America, Ltd., 2021-22
Topic: Dark Data Analysis

Affiliated Faculty: Chris Re, Computer Science Department

Yasushi Miyata is a Researcher at Hitachi America, Ltd. He received his M.E. degree in electrical engineering from Kyoto University in Japan. His research interests include databases, data mining, and dark data analysis. He focuses on applying these technologies to the real-world business, especially, the financial business.