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Stanford Causal Science Center

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The Stanford Causal Science Center (SC²)  aims to promote the study of causality / causal inference in applied fields across campus.

The SC²  focuses on two core objectives. The first is to provide an interdisciplinary community for scholars interested in causality and causal inference at Stanford where they can collaborate on topics of mutual interest. We will do so through the organization of regular seminars and conferences focused on topics of interest to scholars of causality. This includes the online causal inference seminar (OCIS). The second is to encourage graduate students and post-docs to study and apply causal inference methods in a range of fields including statistics, social sciences, computer science, biomedical sciences, and law. The center aims to provide a place where students can learn about methods for causal inference in other disciplines and find opportunities to work together on such questions.

Check out our course lists and seminars, including the Bay Area Tech Economics Seminars series, other meetings, and past conferences in 2021, 2022, and 2023

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