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Stanford Data Science connects departments, schools, and programs from all areas of campus to provide diverse data science educational opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

New Courses

We are helping to build new course offerings for the Stanford community.

If interested in learning more, or helping in the development of these offerings, please contact one of the cognizant faculty below:

  • Inclusive Mentoring in Data Science: Chiara Sabatti offered BIODS260 in Spring 2021 for the first time
  • Race, Data Algorithms, and Health: James Zou and Chiara Sabatti created BIODS240 in Fall 2020
  • Data Science Capstone: Chiara Sabatti, David Lobell, Stephen Boyd, Elaine Treharne, Balasubramanian (Naras) Narasimhan, Dan Jurafsky
  • Data Literacy: Stephen Boyd,  Elaine Treharne,  Balasubramanian (Naras) Narasimhan, Jef Karel Caers, David Lobell, Chiara Sabatti, Margot Gerritsen, Russ Poldrack, Dan Jurafsky
  • Computing for Data Science: (coming in 2022: Stats 352): John Chambers,  Balasubramanian (Naras) Narasimhan

Educational Offerings

Stanford offers a variety of data science educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, including introductory workshops, undergraduate and master's programs with strong data science components, PhD programs with data science emphases, and training programs. Below is an unordered and partial listing of educational offerings at Stanford. Please send a note to to add to this list.

Informal Training, “on-ramps” to data science

For workshops from the Data Science Institute, please see our Community page