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Stanford Data Science Initiative Fall 2017 Retreat

Event Details:

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Li Ka Shing Conference Center at Stanford University

See the agenda slides, and videos for more information.


9:00 am Welcome and introductions - Steve Eglash, Executive Director of Strategic Research Initiatives

Eglash Video

9:10 am Vision for data science - Jure Leskovec, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Director, Stanford Data Science Initiative 

Leskovec PDF

Leskovec Video

9:30 am Safe distributed computation for reluctant data sharers:  At home in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Philip Lavori, Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Balasubramanian Narasimhan, Senior Research Scientist, Statistics and Biomedical Sciences, and John Mark Agosta, Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft

Safe distributed computation PDF

Lavori Video

Balasubramanian Narasimhan PDF

Narasimhan Video

Agosta Video

Q&A Video

10:40 am Democratizing machine learning in the Stanford DAWN project, Matei Zaharia, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Zaharia PDF

Zaharia Video

11:00 am Panel Discussion:  Industry approaches for dealing with disruptive technology

Peter Gunder, Chief Business Development Officer, American Family Insurance, Peter Novig, Research Director, Google, and Luca Marighetti, Managing Director, Swiss Re

Gunder PDF

Marighetti PDF

Panel discussion Video

1:20 pm After DAWN:  The potential of usable machine learning today and tomorrow, Peter Bailis, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Bailis Video

1:40 pm Finding earthquakes in a spaghettui of seismic streams, Philip Levis, Associate Director, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Levis PDF

Levis Video

2:00 pm Panel Discussion:  Socially impactful and ethical data science

Emma Brunskill, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Rumman Chowdhury, Senior Principal, AI, Accenture, Thomas Kalil, Senior Advisor to the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group, and Rob Reich, Professor, Political Science

Panel discussion Video

3:45 pm Analytics on time-series data, Jure Leskovec, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Director Stanford Data Science Initiative

Leskovec PDF

Leskovec Video

4:05 pm Security in the era of big data, Dan Boneh, Professor Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Boneh PDF

Boneh Video

4:25 pm Poster preview presentations

Student poster presentations Video

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