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2020-2022 Ram and Vijay Shriram Data Science Fellows

We are pleased to announce the inaugural post-doctoral Ram and Vijay Shriram Data Science Fellows, Drs. Avanti Shrikumar and Armin Thomas. These Post-doc Fellows were selected through an international competition for early career researchers working both within and at the boundaries between data science methods and the domains of scholarship that utilize data science to discover and create new knowledge. The Fellows will lead independent, original research programs with impact in one or more research domains and in one or more methodological domains (computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, etc)

Avanti headshot

Avanti Shrikumar (Stanford, PhD in computer science 2020) is developing and applying data science techniques to improve our understanding of oceanic nutrient cycling. She is particularly interested in the potential of the oceans in mitigating and adapting to anthropogenic climate change. Dr. Shrikumar’s mentor is Professor Karen Casciotti (Earth System Science).

Armin Thomas (Technische Universität Berlin, PhD in machine learning 2020) is working with neuroscientists to improve and accelerate the analysis of neuroimaging data with deep learning methods in order to better understand the brain activity underlying cognitive tasks and neuropsychiatric disorders. Dr. Thomas’ mentor is Professor Russ Poldrack (Psychology).

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