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CORES Fall lecture series recordings

CORES Fall lecture series recorings
CORES Fall Lecture Series flyer
CORES Fall lecture series poster

Throughout the Fall of 2021, the Center for Open and REproducible Science presented a virtual lecture series intended to introduce the community to four open science practices: reproducible data analysis, reproducible modeling, reproducible manuscripts, and sharing research objects. Each practice had an associated conceptual and practical component.

The conceptual lecture discusses what the practice is and how it places into the context of transparent and reproducible research. While the practical session shows how to implement the practice in one’s research. 

Please find the lectures in the order they were given and the associated recording.

1. Maya Mathur - Reproducible Data Analysis - Conceptual
2. Jan Voelkel - Reproducible Data Analysis - Practical
3. Percy Liang - Reproducible Modeling - Conceptual
4. Armin Thomas - Reproducible Modeling - Practical
5. Mike Frank - Reproducible Manuscript - Conceptual
6. Shilaan Alzahawi - Reproducible Manuscript - Practical
7. John Borghi - Sharing research objects - Conceptual
8. Zac Painter - Sharing research objects - Practical


    Maya Mathur, Assistant Professor at the Stanford University Quantitative Science Unit
    Topic: Reproducible Data Analysis - Conceptual session

    Jan Voelkel, Graduate student in Sociology at Stanford University
    Topic: Reproducible Data Analysis - Practical session

    Percy Liang, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics (by courtesy) at Stanford UniversityTopic: Reproducible Modeling - Conceptual session

    Armin Thomas, Ram and Shriram Data Science Fellow at Stanford Data Science
    Topic: Reproducible Modeling - Practical session

    Mike Frank, David and Lucile Packard Professor of Human Biology at Stanford University
    Topic: Reproducible Manuscripts - Conceptual session

    Shilaan Alzahawi, Graduate student at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business
    Topic: Reproducible Manuscripts - Practical session

    John Borghi, Manager of research and instruction, School of Medicine, Lane Medical Library at Stanford University
    Topic: Sharing research objects - Conceptual session

    Zac Painter, Engineering Librarian, Research & Teaching support at Stanford University
    Topic: Sharing research objects - Practical session