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CORES Spring lecture series recordings

Throughout the Spring of 2022, the Center for Open and REproducible Science presented a virtual lecture series intended introduce or teach the community how to effectively implement a set of technical tools into a research process. We will be showcasing: the UNIX command line, git/GitHub from a general utility perspective and in practice using python and R, and reproducible environments.

The goal of this series is to get our community more comfortable using these tools. These tools are foundational skills to help move toward achieving a transparent and reproducible research environment.  

Please find the lectures in the order they were given and the associated recording.


1. Zhiyong Zhang - UNIX command line

2. Elizabeth DuPre - git/GitHub (general utility/python as a use case)

3. Shilaan Alzahawi - git/GitHub (with R)

4. Mark Yoder - Reproducible environments


Zhiyong Zhang, Software developer, at the Stanford Research Computing Center
Topic: UNIX command line


Elizabeth DuPre, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychology at Stanford University
Topic: git/GitHub (general utility/python as a use case)


Shilaan Alzahawi, Graduate student at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Topic: git/GitHub (with R)

Mark Yoder, Research Software Engineer & Computational Scientist at the Stanford Research Computing Center
Topic: Reproducible environments