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COVID-19 Data Forum Webinar on August 13

Join R-Consortium and Stanford Data Science for a 90 minute Webinar on the data issues around clinical information on the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Please join the Covid-19 Data Forum's next event, "Beyond case counts: Making COVID-19 clinical data available and useful",  which will be held at 9:00AM Pacific Time on Thursday, August 13, 2020. This event will be a webinar followed by an open discussion.

The webinar speakers will be:

  • Jenna Reps, OHDSI consortium's patient-level prediction working group/Janssen R&D
  • Andrea Ganna, COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative/Harvard Medical School/Finland Institute for Molecular Medicine
  • Ken Massey, EndPandemic National Data Consortium/Saama Technologies
  • Ryan Tibshirani, DELPHI epidemic forecasting group/Carnegie Mellon University

Please watch the COVID-19 Data Forum website for developing information.


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