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November 10, 2020
Restaurants, gyms, cafes and other crowded indoor venues accounted for some 8 in 10 new coronavirus infections in the early months of the U.S. epidemic, according to a new analysis that could help officials around the world now considering curfews, partial lockdowns and other measures in response to renewed outbreaks.
October 15, 2020
Four short vignettes of some of the fantastic work conducted by Stanford students over the summer of 2020 applying data science for social impact
August 27, 2020
Emmanuel Candes, Co-Director of Stanford Data Science, gave a live keynote talk on conformal prediction at the Bernoulli-IMS One World Symposium on 27 Aug 2020.
August 21, 2020
The 2020 Data Science for Social Good summer program wrapped up this week, completing 8 weeks of intensive work on three projects.
July 22, 2020
Join R-Consortium and Stanford Data Science for a 90 minute Webinar on the data issues around clinical information on the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.