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Welcome to the 2023 cohort of Data Science Scholars

Welcome to the most recent cohort of Data Science Scholars! This year, Stanford Data Science awarded 14 new Scholars from five schools across campus.

Scholars are awarded half of their support for two years and participate in community events and projects.

2023 Data Science Scholars (PhD students)

  • Johannes Ferstad (Management Science & Engineering)
  • Saurabh Khanna (Graduate School of Education)
  • Annie Lamar (Classics)
  • Deitrich Lawson (Computer Science)
  • Sifan Liu (Statistics)
  • Gautam Machiraju (Biomedical Data Science)
  • Minh Nguyen (Biomedical Data Science)
  • Abel Peirson (Physics)
  • Colin Peterson (Sociology)
  • Marissa Reitsma (Health Policy)
  • Krti Tallam (Biology)
  • Sebastian Wagner-Carena (Physics)
  • Jeff Wen (Earth System Science)
  • Libby Zhang (Electrical Engineering)

Please check out the Scholars program section for more information on this community of early career researchers and the data science they engage in.