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Biomedical Data Science

Erin Craig

I am a PhD candidate in biomedical data science, where I develop practical learning algorithms and software to address important problems in healthcare.

My current work focuses on furthering our understanding of how bodies respond to illness. In biomedical data, we often know whether a patient is sick; we do not necessarily know, for example, which of their immune cells are responding to a disease, or which parts of biopsied tissue are diseased. I am developing a method to discover which data represent a response to disease, and which represent normal body processes. This method is a form of multiple instance learning.

Before Stanford, I completed a BA in mathematics and an MS in data science at New College of Florida, and I developed software for Wolfram|Alpha to help students learn and practice math. I have a lifelong love of dance, and I enjoyed performing as a contemporary dancer with companies in Cleveland OH, Boston MA and Sarasota FL.