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Structural Biology

Fatima Pardo

Fatima Pardo is a computational structural biologist. The goal of her research is to provide an explanation of how biomolecules work by analyzing their structures and dynamics. She focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of Ribosome and RNA Polymerase. She is currently a Basic Life Research Scientist in the Department of Structural Biology in Michael Levitt's group.

Fatima obtained her PhD in Chemistry from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. As part of her thesis, she performed MD simulations of the RNA polymerase and analyzed them in the framework of Markov State Models. She received a BSc in Basic Biomedical Research at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. As part of her program, she participated in research on protein purification and characterization, modeling of cell differentiation as boolean networks, circadian rhythms, and protein evolution.

She is passionate about teaching and sharing science to the general public.

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