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Stanford Law School

Janka Deli

I am currently a third-year JSD candidate at Stanford Law School. My research focuses on the relationship between the rule of law – the sine qua non of any functional legal system as well as the cornerstone of democracy – and economic outcomes. The traditional view is that improvement of the rule of law yields economic growth. While there is an assumption that a continuous decrease in the quality of democratic institutions portends negative economic results, the literature offers little empirical evidence of this trend. My research projects investigate the effects of events that reportedly negatively impacted the rule of law, as well as international condemnations thereof, on firm value and international trade, leveraging quantitative methods. I develop research designs that allow for conducting empirical research on the rule of law without using any of the existing composite rule of law measures.

I received my JD degree from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary, along with a certificate in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Prior to obtaining my JSM degree at Stanford Law School and transitioning into the JSD program, I worked for a year as a junior associate focusing on financial regulation and compliance at an international law firm in Budapest. Besides my degree work, I have contributed a chapter to the first Hungarian textbook on the behavioral economic analysis of law.

Outside of research, I enjoy Kelly McGonigal’s cardio dance classes, running, swimming, and Annie Atura Bushnell’s power yoga classes. I let my creative side flourish via baking, singing with Stanford University Singers and in the SLS Musical, as well as dancing on the Stanford Viennese Ball Opening Committee.