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Earth Science

Kuai Fang

I am a Stanford Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford Data Science, working with Professor Katharine Maher. I am a water scientist trying to understand how water moves, distributes, and interact with other systems, e.g., solid earth weathering, ecosystem, and energy and carbon cycles. My work ranges from physical-based hydrologic modeling at the watershed scale, to data-driven modeling of water dynamics over the continental scale. The quantity and quality of surface water provide an accessible and integrated measurement of the hydrological and biogeochemical exchanges occurring in the subsurface. My research goal is to infer the invisible and heterogeneous subsurface composition and structure, from the visible water-related dynamics, using data-driven approaches.

I obtained my B.S in Geography from Beijing Normal University in 2012, and my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Penn State University in 2018.