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Pediatrics & Communication

Xiaoran Sun

Xiaoran Sun is a postdoctoral scholar mainly working for the Human Screenome Project at Stanford University. Her current work involves using high-intensity screenshot data (collected from individuals’ smartphones every few seconds over weeks and months) to examine family dynamics via digital technology and its implications for family functioning and youth well-being.

She obtained her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from Pennsylvania State University, with a graduate minor in Social Data Analytics. She was also an associate trainee with the NSF-IGERT Big Data Social Science program at Penn State, from which she has identified herself as a computational social scientist.

Her research interest involves using innovative statistical and computational methods to understand family dynamics and youth well-being across multiple time scales. With regard to family dynamics, she is particularly interested in how the larger environments surrounding families, such as digital technology and parents’ work experiences, may impact communication and relationships among family members, and how the family relationships, in turn, may influence adolescents’ and young adults’ adjustment and achievement outcomes.

Xiaoran Sun is currently on the academic job market seeking a tenure-track position.

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