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Technical Mentor FAQ

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Do technical mentors need to work full-time? Will I have time to work on my research?

We expect the role to be full-time through the summer -- just as an internship would be. However, to facilitate the participation of outstanding possible technical mentors who need to devote substantial time to their research during the summer, we are open to 50%-time positions.

What responsibilities does a technical mentor have? 

Before the program:

  • Help scope projects
  • Help select fellows
  • Prepare technical infrastructure
  • Plan training sessions

During the program:

  • Mentor a team of four students as they work on their project
  • Run interactive training sessions (e.g. using git as a team, data science ethics, model bias etc.)

A day in the life:

  • Hold a standup meeting with the team to set priorities for the day
  • Help a student debug their code
  • Work with a faculty mentor to run a training session on using R/Python for data science
  • Help a student get started on a coding task they have never done before
  • Hold a team meeting whiteboarding out next steps for the team 

What skills are you looking for in a technical mentor?

  • Effective leader: Working with project partners and teams
  • Passionate educator: Providing students a world-class learning experience
  • Technical skills: R/Python, git, etc. 
  • Statistical knowledge

Do I need to be a Stanford student to be a technical mentor?

We expect technical mentors to be Stanford graduate students or postdocs, but if that doesn’t describe you and you’re still interested, please reach out and we’ll consider on a case-by-case basis.

I need to be absent for a few days during the program. Can I still apply to be a mentor?

We expect a daily commitment to the program for 4 hours/day. Exceptions include personal emergencies and medical issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Which project would I work on?

We are still finalizing projects. Technical mentors will have some say in the final selection of projects and will be assigned to projects based on their skillset and preferences.

How can I submit my idea for a project that should be part of the program?

Please reach out and we’re happy to consider.