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Group of PhD students in the Data Science Scholar program in the fourth floor Wallenberg Hall space - with "Stanford | Data Science" banner

Scholar Activities

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Data Science Scholars engage in a variety of activities with the goal of creating a community of data science researchers, who are representative of the wide array of disciplines at Stanford, and who can share methods and applications while creating a stimulating, innovative, and supportive environment. Some of the activities include:

  • Data Science Topics: weekly discussion of topics of shared interest to a significant subset of the Scholars, for example: technical questions arising frequently; approach to some data-handling question; relevant professional or social aspects, especially for early career researchers, etc.
  • Research Notes: weekly presentations exploring the data science related areas of a Scholars' research area: An aspect of the data (novel source important for their field; data that is challenging for scientific use; different options for this data, etc), the big picture – Why they’re interested in this area; where it is going; novel ideas/methodology – something they’ve found useful or that they’re developing and think others may find useful or deserves to be more widely known.

Data Science Topics

Research Notes

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