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SuDS Conference 2023

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Data for Sustainability Conference
Conference Date: April 14, 2023
Location: Stanford University 

The earth is facing numerous environmental sustainability issues that require urgent action. Meanwhile, the earth's environment is constantly monitored and simulated, generating tons of data across various scales. Utilizing those data can assist decision-making to preserve our planet's future. 

Stanford Data Science and Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability are planning a half-day conference focusing on using data to resolve sustainability issues. We are looking for students and postdocs working on sustainability and data science to give 8-10 minute presentations about their work. 

Call for Proposals: 
If you are interested in you must submit a brief (up to 500 word) abstract by March 10, 2023 via this Google Form.

For students coming from a Sustainability Science background, potential topics can include but are not limited to novel environmental datasets, data-driven analyses of environmental datasets, or important sustainability science research questions that will require the creative use of data science approaches. 

For students coming from a Data Science background, topics can include but are not limited to analyses of environmental datasets as well as methods or algorithms that might be useful for sustainability science applications.