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Fall 2018 Awards Recipients

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Bayesian Convolutional Neural Networks for Cosmological Inference

Risa Wechsler (Physics), Sean McLaughlin (Physics), Laurence Levasseur (Physics)

Central California Decadal Groundwater Monitoring and Imaging From Ballistic Rayleigh Wave Dispersion

Gregory Beroza (Geophysics), Lise Marie Christelle Retailleau (Geophysics), Aurelien Mordret

Harnessing Data Science to Answer Questions About Diversity and Creativity

Daniel McFarland (Education), Daniel Jurafsky (Linguistics & Computer Science), Bas Hofstra (Education), Londa Schiebinger (History), James Zou (Biomedical Data Science)

Integrating Remote-Sensing and Socioeconomic Microdata to Understand Forest Carbon Loss – and How to Halt It

Gretchen Daily (Biology), Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer (Natural Capital Project)

Mapping Ottoman Epirus

Ali Yaycioglu (History), Antonis Hadjikyriacou (Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis), Erik Steiner, Celena Allen (Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis)

Online Platforms: The Welfare Consequences of Exploration

Mohsen Bayati (Operations, Information & Technology), Ramesh Johari (Management Science)

Representation Learning of Disease Trajectories to Predict Opioid Addiction Risk

James Zou (Biomedical Data Science), Abubakar Abid (Electrical Engineering), Suzanne Tamang (Medicine), Ayin Vala (Foundation for Precision Health), Xiang Zhu (Statistics)

Towards Fair Machine Learning

Omer Reingold (Computer Science), Michael Kim (Computer Science)

Using Computer Vision to Measure Neighborhood Visible Urban Conditions Affecting Health

Jackelyn Hwang (Sociology), Nikhil Naik

Using Network Science to Study Children’s Conceptual Development

Michael Frank (Psychology), Abdellah Fourtassi (Psychology)