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Biomedical Data Science

Daniel Sosa

Hello! I’m a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Informatics working with Russ Altman. My research focuses on knowledge extraction and representation to enable automated literature-based discovery for identifying opportunities for drug repurposing—using drugs already on the market to treat patients with unmet clinical need—at the scale of all publicly available biomedical literature. This work leverages methods from natural language processing, knowledge graphs, network-based machine learning, and principles of systems biology. I finished my undergraduate training at MIT, completing a BS in Computer Science/Molecular Biology and Management and an MEng in Computer Science/Molecular Biology. At Stanford I have completed an MS in Statistics along the way to my finishing my PhD.

Outside of lab, I’m passionate about building strong communities and being creative. I’m currently working on developing my skills as a full-stack musician, focusing on electronic music production, sound design, and live instrument recording. Recently, I’ve also gotten excited about honing my craft in the culinary arts including cooking, baking, homebrewing, and mixology.