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Programs Overview

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Stanford Data Science (SDS) believes that developing the next generation of early-career researchers is at the core of the University’s mission. We support PhDs and postdocs through the Stanford Data Science Data Science Scholars and Postdoctoral Fellows programs, bringing together a multidisciplinary cohort of scholars to learn, share, and collaborate on cutting-edge topics. Our early-career researchers advance data science, machine learning, and AI and apply these techniques to drive new scientific discoveries in disparate fields, including biology and medicine, astrophysics, sustainability, and a lot more! 

Stanford Data Science Scholars

The Data Science Scholars program includes about 30 graduate students from all seven schools. While engaged with their home departments, they form a community of practice – sharing and learning from one another while advancing data science solutions for their unique domain challenges. They also develop useful resources for others on campus and beyond.

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Stanford Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows

The Data Science Postdoctoral Fellows work within data science and at the boundaries between data science methods and domains that utilize data science to discover and create new knowledge. Fellows lead independent, original research programs with impact in one or more research domains and in one or more methodological domains (i.e. computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, etc.).

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Data Science for Social Good

The Data Science for Social Good summer program trains aspiring researchers to work on data science projects with social impact.  Working closely with governments and nonprofits, participants take on real-world problems in education, health, energy, public safety, transportation, economic development, international development, and more. Participants include a diverse and inclusive cohort of students who spend the summer on campus working with the program.

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Women in Data Science

The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. WiDS started as a one-day technical conference at Stanford in November 2015. WiDS is a global movement that includes a number of worldwide initiatives.

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