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Programs Overview

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Stanford Data Science offers a number of programs and opportunities to collaborate with researchers across campus around scientific and societal challenges that can benefit from a data science approach.  

Women in Data Science

The Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and to support women in the field. WiDS started as a one-day technical conference at Stanford in November 2015. Six years later, WiDS is a global movement that includes a number of worldwide initiatives.

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Stanford Data Science Scholars

The Data Science Scholars are a group of Stanford PhD students and postdocs from all parts of Stanford who are using and developing data science methods in their research and want to exchange ideas with other scholars and data science experts on campus.

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Stanford Data Science Post-Doctoral Fellows

The newly formed Data Science Institute at Stanford University seeks recent Ph.D. scientists, researchers and scholars of exceptional promise for postdoctoral fellow positions in interdisciplinary research with expertise in both the methods and theory of data science AND a domain of scholarship, like physical, earth, life, or social sciences, humanities and the arts, business, law, medicine, education, or engineering.

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Data Science Seed Grant Awards

in 2018, seed funding provided researchers with valuable resources that can enable the genesis of new discovery. Through this affiliates program, we supported ambitious research projects where the development of new data science methods may help to solve a scientific or societal challenge and prove to be transformative to one or more domains. These projects helped define the programs we run today.

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COVID-19 Research

Stanford Data Science supports research, tools, and workshops around how best to utilize modern data science to rigorously study the novel coronavirus and its impact during the global pandemic.

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The Stanford Data Science Collaboratory is a NSF-funded project that helps connect careful data analysis with emerging science and research communities to foster both transformative science and citizenry literate in data science.

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Data Science for Social Good Summer Program

The Data Science for Social Good summer program trains aspiring researchers to work on data science projects with social impact.  Working closely with governments and nonprofits, participants take on real-world problems in education, health, energy, public safety, transportation, economic development, international development and more. Participants include a diverse and inclusive cohort of students who spend the summer on campus working with the program.

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