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Stanford Data Science Industry Affiliates Program

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Enabling data-driven discovery at scale and expanding data science education at Stanford and beyond

Acting as an advocate and bridge, Stanford Data Science fosters relationships between the data science scientists at Stanford and at external organizations. SDS offers multiple ways to interact with data science activities on campus, and engagement paths include opportunities to connect with faculty and labs as well as students and researchers. These can be tailored as specific projects or as involvement with the data science ecosystem more broadly. Convening diverse communities of researchers and students, we aid in building relationships that will drive discovery. 

The newly-launched Stanford Data Science Industry Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity to join the SDS ecosystem, with a tiered benefit system to align with the specific needs of member companies. This program helps  members to explore the thoughtful use of data intensive science in a range of fields, from health to entertainment to commerce and more. 

Join Us

By joining the SDS Industry Affiliate Program, companies will have opportunities for engagement and connection with the Stanford Data Science community. This includes interactions with faculty and students, invitations to attend and/or be featured at activities and events, and support of data intensive research at Stanford. 

For corporate members, interaction and engagement with Stanford thought leadership and exposure to the most recent research can generate new ways to organize thinking, understand methodologies, and prioritize approaches. This program offers opportunity for collaborative insight development derived from connection to the breadth and depth of the data science ecosystem at Stanford, focusing on mutually beneficial relationships. 

Membership fees provide unrestricted support for SDS programming, research, and other activities, enabling exploration of topics and challenges that are of interest to both Stanford and companies. Each increasing level includes the benefits offered at the preceding levels. 

Membership Benefits 

Associate: $50K

Members at this level may explore Stanford Data Science and our programming. Their support is targeted to the program overall.  They are invited to SDS events, which include valuable networking opportunities, and are recognized on printed and digital materials.

Strategic: $200K 

This level enables curated engagement with a single Stanford Data Science Research Center or Program and affiliated faculty and students. These include: The Stanford Causal Science Center (SC^2), the Center for Open and Reproducible Science (CORES), Sustainability Data Science (SuDS), the Data4 Health Center, Women in Data Science (WIDS) Stanford, and Data Science for Social Good (DSSG). Members at this level have increased interaction with Stanford researchers and opportunities related to their selected focus area, as well as tailored interactions at select SDS events, such as the quarterly Distinguished Lecture Series.

Foundation: $500K 

Members at this level enjoy continuous and significant research engagement with Stanford thought leaders and their labs throughout the year. Their support can fund graduate student work and SDS Postdoctoral Fellows who will advance research agendas to catalyze discovery. 

Additional information

Industrial affiliates programs are subject to Stanford University policies for industry affiliates programs. Please see the Stanford University Policies for Industrial Affiliates Program Membership. The site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.

For inquiries regarding the SDS Affiliate Program or other collaborations, please contact Elizabeth Wilsey, Director of Engagement and Partnerships ( 


Current Members 

Fujitsu Research of America 



More about Stanford Data Science

Extracting valuable insight from this confluence of data, computing, and methodologies—a field we call data science—is a rapidly evolving discipline still very much in its early stages.  Our ability to reason from data and, more importantly, to have high confidence in the results, requires a class of scientists who are highly versed in tools and techniques of data analysis, and able to imagine and build a new generation of powerful abstractions that will transform data science.

Our goal at Stanford Data Science is to lead this exciting field into the future by fostering a campus-wide, data-intensive ecosystem where research, application, and education thrive in a mutually supportive culture. As an explicitly multidisciplinary effort, Stanford Data Science is focused on evolving the “science of data science” via the cross-pollination of ideas, questions, and solutions among experts from engineering, business, law, medicine, and the humanities. Together we are developing new methods, revealing fresh insights, and educating the next generation of leaders and citizens who will harness data science and benefit from its responsible application. 

As we advance this vision, connections with industry present opportunities for collaboration that can advance the goals of data science research as well as address real-time, immediate needs from the private sector.