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Epidemiology and Clinical Research

Stelios Serghiou

I joined Stanford in 2016, where I have completed a Masters in Statistics and I am currently a PhD candidate in Epidemiology and Clinical Research.

After spending two years as a second lieutenant for the National Guard of Cyprus, I attended the University of Edinburgh, where I obtained a BSc with Honors in Neuroscience in 2012 and received my medical degree (MBChB) with Honors in 2015. I then worked for a year as an Academic Foundation Doctor for NHS Lothian and as an Honorary Clinical Fellow of the University of Edinburgh, obtaining my license to practice medicine.

At Stanford I am working on creating computational tools to study the biomedical research and promote better scientific practice and evidence-based medicine. I am also interested in using digital technology to improve the quality of clinical practice and healthcare.

Alongside my research, I maintain a subreddit for anyone interested in improving research quality and a website with resources to help researchers practice more reproducible science