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Epidemiology and Population Health

Yan Min

Yan Min is a PhD candidate in Epidemiology and Population Health. Prior to Stanford, she completed her medical training and surgical residency as an undergraduate student. She then pursued her master’s degree in health economics at Stanford University. She took a gap year during the master program working as a health policy analyst in the health finance cluster at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. After she returned from Geneva, Yan took a leadership role in establishing the WELL Living Laboratory Cohort at the Stanford Prevention Research Center. Yan is extremely passionate about rigorous causal inference theories and applying causal inference models to large-scale observational studies. She currently focuses on constructing a causal model to address the effects of surgeon volumes and hospital volumes on long-term patient outcomes in four cardiothoracic surgery procedures. On the side, she is also having fun employing bioinformatic methodology to her studies on microbiome, metabolomics, and human health. Outside of work, Yan enjoys karate, photography, backpacking, and carpentry. Also, she is willing to take on any challengers on any racket sports.

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